About me

Learn more about me, my qualifications, and what others say about me.

I'm a fully qualified personal trainer

I have worked with a diverse range of clients, including those requiring extreme weight loss, muscle and strength gain, elite triathletes, professional wrestlers, and everything in between.

With a background in biomechanics and a knowledge of conditioning training, I work with athletes looking to improve the finer and more technical movements required in their sports. I help to identify weaknesses in specific movements, and coach clients through exercises to help them improve and reach the levels necessary for success.

Outside of work

On top of personal training and coaching, I partake in professional wrestling. This vigorous sport requires me to practice what I preach, and keep my body in good condition all year round.

Training is one of my great passions in life, resulting in a desire to continuously learn more about different training methods, exercises and different ways to structure a client's training and my own. This same hunger drove me to taking the next step in my journey: to become a Level 4 strength and conditioning coach/PT. By achieving this, I am now fully qualified to teach olympic lifts, and design training programmes tailored for this type training.

Portrait of Jon Agini.