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Weight loss tips

For as long as I’ve been working as a trainer/coach, clients have asked me loads of different questions about eating, as well as looking for tip, strategies and methods for weight loss. Should I try intermittent fasting? What are macros and should I pay more attention to them? Should I try fat burners? The list goes on and on. This is also a topic that I see a lot of just now from different people involved in the fitness industry, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with everyone.

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Training tips

Have you ever Googled, or asked, or just generally wondered “How many exercises should I perform for each muscle group when training”?

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Lifting Shoes

When I'm doing squats or any of the Olympic lifts one thing—or two things more like—I make sure to wear are my lifting shoes. Most of you will have seen someone wearing them in a gym, and possibly wondered why people wear them. Well, there are a few reasons people will opt for lifting shoes over your standard pair of trainers when performing big, compound lifts.

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Quick protein sources

When receiving a new meal plan or any information regarding your macro tracking the first thing people notice is a higher protein intake than usual. This is because a number of people underestimate the amount of protein they need and aren’t aware they aren’t actually taking in the recommended daily amount (you’ll need even more if you are training regularly!).

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Blue Monday

Today is universally known at Blue Monday and has been calculated as the most depressing day of the year. This is not meant as a clinical diagnosis, but is rather the day the general population feel at their worse through a combination of factors – including the weather, low levels of motivation, time since failing new year’s resolutions and people’s debt levels.
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Make 2018 your year

Is 2018 your year? Have you made a New Years Resolution to use this year to become the fittest, healthiest you and finally get in the shape you’ve always wanted to? If you’ve decided to make a change this year, or get back in to training, then well done!
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