Quick protein sources

Posted on January 23rd, 2018 by Jon

When receiving a new meal plan or any information regarding your macro tracking the first thing people notice is a higher protein intake than usual. This is because a number of people underestimate the amount of protein they need and aren’t aware they aren’t actually taking in the recommended daily amount (you’ll need even more if you are training regularly!).

If you have a set meal plan then you just need to follow it and the maths is out of the equation, but if you are tracking your own food and trying to hit numbers it can sometimes be difficult to find quick, easy, decent protein sources – especially if you are in a hurry and haven’t had time to organise or prep your food.

The list below highlights some of the quick and easily accessible protein sources to help you keep on track no matter what:

  • 0% Greek Yoghurt – The Total Fage brand comes in small 170g pots as well that are great for a serving.
  • Cooked lean meats – Almost any shop you go into will have packs of cooked chicken breast, or turkey and you can add to some mixed veggies and rice (if you have access to a microwave), can throw it into a wrap, or simply add to a salad.
  • A protein bar – While these generally come with carbs and fat (so it’s not a pure protein source) they are very easy to get your hands on (even WH Smith and service stations sell a decent selection including Grenade and Fulfil bars).
  • Protein powder – Either grab a scoop before you head out the door so you have some on you, or pick up a sachet.
  • Eggs – These are generally available from most cafes, so are handy if you are eating out. Some supermarkets also sell packs of hard boiled eggs!

Bonus tip:

Some people really panic about eating out or not having the food they normally would readily available. If there is a dinner or restaurant you want to attend but you are worried about going ‘off-track’ while there, try to pick a good protein source, accompanied but either a carb OR a fat source. This way you can eliminate the risk of going over board, and still enjoy your food without worry or going off course. Alternatively, take the time to just enjoy the social occasion and get back to your usual routine afterwards! After all, you still need to be able to enjoy yourself!

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