Personal training client since July 2016.


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About Callum's journey

I knew that my weight had been an issue for a while, at least since leaving high school. I noticed more pains in my knees and feet, and less satisfaction from life in general.

I’d been speaking with Jon for quite a while before starting training, and when I finally ran out of excuses I bit the bullet and started training. My first four weeks were hard and painful, but it was worth it. I started on two evenings a week, then upped to three after a couple of months. The pain subsided, and I started to see my measurements with Jon were showing changes. I lost over 15 kilograms in six months, from minor diet changes and three nights a week with Jon.

Looking ahead

More recently, I’ve started more strength training, which has put my weight up slightly, but I’ll be looking to work with Jon more in 2018 to bring my weight down further without losing too much muscle.