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Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of training with Jon on average twice a week. I initially started out a bit cautious to the approach of PT with a main focus of lifting weight as I was concerned that “lifting weights will only make me big.”

However due to Jon’s expertise he was able to put me on a programme that not only allowed weights to be included into my weekly training routine but actually helped me lose weight and maintain a shape that I am more than happy with. I have went from 12 stone 5 pounds at my heaviest in recent years to a recent low weight of 11 stone 6, all while giving me a definition that quite frankly I have never seen in myself in a very long time.

One of Jon’s key strengths is his adaptability to certain changes. I am first to admit that I am probably not the easiest client that Jon has ever had, primarily due to my work commitments resulting in me travelling quite frequently and on occasions up to weeks on end. Add to this the fact that my goals have changed a couple of times due to reaching previous targets set. Jon however takes all of this in his stride and makes the adjustments to my routine that are required while explaining why he is doing so. I don’t remember any 2 PT sessions ever being the same. Even when I am away at my longest Jon keeps in touch and offers advice where he can to try and ensure I can stick to some form of plan until I return.

On top of all this Jon is friendly, approachable, easy to get along with and very knowledgeable when it comes to his profession. It is my personal opinion that in terms of value for money you will have to search far and wide to find another PT that even compares to the level that Jon is on. He is now not only a personal trainer to me but and inspiration and above all someone I see as a close friend. I look forward to many more years of PT with him